AP-100 Series Part Placing Head   AP-100 Series Part Placing Head – Part Placers are used for various applications and the type of feeding system required is determined by the part geometry and placement of the part. AP-100 head is capable of placement rates of up to 80 per minute which sets it apart from other basic pick and place units. The AP-100 head has a placing cylinder that is cushioned at both ends, with strokes from 2-5 ins. and pressing forces between 40 and 175 pounds. The hardened jaws are custom machined to grip and align each piecepart and then mechanically opened using opening cam assembly as the piecepart engages the workpiece. Each piecepart is properly placed into the workpiece using verification sensing. Control switches also provide for the driving head to return and other auxiliary functions as may be required.  

Standard 100 Series Head Components
Head Stroke 2 in., 3 in., 4 in., 5 in. (50.8mm, 76.2mm 101.6mm, 127mm)
Pressing Force 40-175 lbs. (177-778 N)
  Standard Max 85 lbs. Force 1.5 in. Cylinder
  Optional Max 175 lbs. Force 2.0 in. Cylinder
Air Supply 90 PSI (6.3 Bar)
Powered By Pneumatic
Proximity Switch Return, Intermediate, Forward, Good Part
  24VCD PNP Standard Others Optional
Valves 24VDC Low Watt Coils Standard Others Optional
 Inline Load Cells Can Be Added