AP-107 Rotary Hopper

This auto-fed part placer is well suited to place headed pieceparts for semi-automated assembly operations. The part placer has a motor driven rotary parts hopper, an inclined hardened steel track, a support column, a transfer escapement that places each piecepart into the placer head’s placement jaws, and interlocking controls. The head has a pressing force between 40-175 pounds. To ensure accurate placement, the placement jaws hold each piecepart until the piecepart in engaged in the workpiece. The placement head has built-in sensing to confirm proper placement of the each piecepart.

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Product Specifications

Piece Part Information
Shank Diameter .110 in. – .25 in. (3mm – 7mm)
Shank Lengths Max 1.0 in. (25mm)
Head Diameters Max .56 in. (14mm)
Feed System Information
Feed System Rotary Drum Hopper 150 cubic in.
Track Incline
Escapement Transfer Escapement
Contains all options from base head
100 Series Part Placer Head


AP-107 Part Placer