BMS Series

     These setting systems come with a transducer for torque and setting force with just one servo motor for all functions. They have a tool stroke of 100mm with controlled insertion pressure, where stroke force measurement is direct at delivery of the insert. The riv nuts are fed through a feed tube to the loading mechanism, and then transferred to the setting head. The loading mechanism is withdrawn and the riv nut is loaded onto the driving tool. The riv nut is then inserted into the workpiece and is pulled and riveted until it is released. Torque is checked and then the tool disengages. These BMS systems have a compact design which allows them to be mounted on robots, transfer lines, rotary table machines, and positioning systems making them a very versatile machine to handle many different applications.

Model BMS 6252 (dimensional drawing) BMS 6600 (dimensional drawing)
Torque Max 6 Nm 12 Nm
Riv Nut Size M5-M10 (M12) M12-M14
Speed Max 1500 (rpm) 1000 (rpm)
Delivery Stroke 120 (mm) 120 (mm)
Riveting Force Max 25 (KN) 60 (KN)
Riveting Stroke 25 (mm) 20 (mm)
Weight (Kg) ca. 35 ca. 65

BMS Setting System