Model LSR-Robotic Blow-Fed Screwdriver

The LSR screwdriver is slim and lightweight for robotic applications. The screwdriver is built on a rugged platform to provide outstanding performance and value. The screwdriver can be furnished with several types of drive motors both pneumatic and electrical with a choice of torque controllers. The placement jaws and feed tube attachment are tooled to handle the type of fastener’s geometry. A vibratory bowl feeder may be located at a remote location from the Robot.

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Product Specifications

Fastening Screwdriving
Torque Up to 10 Nm 88.5 in. lbs
Jaw Tooling Head Stroke Fixed
Bit Stroke 60mm
Max. Head Diameter 15mm
Max. Shank Length 50mm
Motor Types Air Motor with Clutch
Optional Motors Servo Motor- Current Controlled DC Motor/ Transducer Controlled DC Motor (All Brands)
Applications Single Station Where Driver is Mounted to a Slide
  Robot Mounted Driver or Target Part is Presented to Driver