SD-171 Robotic Driver/Trav-a-Track


This screwdriver is well suited for robotic applications. This robotic screwdriver includes a hardened inclined steel Trav-a-Track, and a mechanically actuated two-stage parts escapement. During the screwdriver’s return stroke, the escapement pulls one fastener forward in the feed system’s track so that the escapement’s front rammer finger can push the fastener into the placement jaws. The placement jaws grip the fastener until the screwdriving head properly drives the fastener into the workpiece. A vibratory bowl feeder system includes a short feed track section and a release device for the fasteners. The feed system is mounted at a location where the robot can easily refill the Trav-a-Track when necessary.  

Product Specifications

Piece Part Information
Shank Diameter Max 2 in. (50.8mm)
Shank Lengths Max 2 in. (50.8mm)
Head Diameter Max .56 in. (14mm)
Piece Parts Max .5 in. dia. (12.7mm)
Feed System Information
Feed System Vibratory Feeder Bowl
Bowl Size 6-36 in. (153-914mm)
Track Incline
Escapement Transfer Escapement
Contains all options from base head
100 Series Screw/Nut Driving Head


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