Dixon Automatic Tool, Inc, the North American representative for Stöger Automation, offers a wide range of high-performance fastening solutions to meet the diverse needs of manufacturers. Their product lineup includes a wide assortment of high-performance screwdriving and fastening solutions that allow novices and experts alike to boost manufacturing efficiency.

Stöger Automation Guide

Here’s a comprehensive look at the diverse range of Stöger Automation products available through Dixon Automatic Tool, Inc.

  • SES Series Blow-fed Screwdrivers: Integrated stroke movements ensure only the screwdriver tool moves up and down, preserving the driver and sensors. Designed for extremely high cycle times. Can be used for all driving positions including stationary use, positioning systems and robots, and rotary table/transfer systems.
  • SEM Series Blow-fed Nut-Runners: Similar to the SES; integrated stroke movements ensure only the screwdriver tool moves up and down rather than the entire driving unit for faster cycle times and longer tool life.
  • BMS Series Blow-fed Setting System: Force-displacement measurement provides automatic installation of blind rivet nuts and bolts. The compact design features a closed housing to protect against dust, and a quick tool change improves efficiency.
  • HSH/HSM/HSF Series Blow-fed Hand-held Drivers: Equipped with an automatic bit stroke and automatic feeding for easy and effective fastening. A pneumatic drive (HSH) keeps the overall length of the screwdriver as short as possible. Optional pneumatic or electric drive is available for HSF and HSM.
  • HST/HSF Series Blow-fed Hand-held Drivers: Ergonomic small grip and firmly protruding screw enable quick positioning. Lever start and shut-off clutch increases production and efficiency. Vacuum versions are available. Easy tool-free servicing.
  • EDE Series Blow-fed Part Placers: Suitable for fasteners like ins, balls, or bushings with 7mm – 24 mm diameters. Integrated punch stroke makes the feed head travel to the workpiece before placing.
  • RSX Automatic Screwdriver Lightweight Robots: Developed for robot use and suitable for lightweight robots from 3 kg. Integrated fixing device for the fastener for driving in all positions without holding air. Adapters available for all common robot models.
  • SPATZ Pick & Place Screwdriving Robot: Automatic tool change and feed unit for fasteners; optimized for human-robot interaction. Accommodates up to 15 screwdriving programs. Choice of internal or external supply unit for provisioning of screws.
  • CSX Automatic Screwdriver Human-Robot-Interaction: Designed for human-robot interaction. Safety cover with automatic shutoff, rounded edges, and protective cover ensure operator safety. Can be equipped with a vacuum module for difficult-to-access screw locations.
  • DGS Automatic Screwdriver Coil Thread Inserts: Designed for automatically feeding and driving coil thread inserts as bulk material. Ideal for serial production where high cycle times and process reliability are needed. Can be used on robotic systems and positioning axes
  • FSF Automatic Screwdriver for Flow Drilling: High axial forces combined with high rotational speed creates heat for driving flow drilling screws. Can be used stationary or robot-mounted. Specially developed for the automotive industry.

Choosing the Right Automation Solutions

When choosing an automation solution, ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve. It might be better efficiency or quality, lower costs, or something else entirely. Look at your production volume, determine which tasks are best suited for automation, and consider your budget to help narrow down your choices.

The experts at Dixon Automatic Tool, Inc. are happy to provide personalized consultations to help you find an automation solution perfect for your needs. Browse our Stöger product range for more information and feel free to reach out for personalized advice.