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Navigating the World of Automation: A Comprehensive Guide to Stöger Products from Dixon Automatic

Dixon Automatic Tool, Inc, offers a wide range of Stöger’s high-performance fastening solutions to meet the diverse needs of manufacturers. Their product lineup includes a wide assortment of high-performance screwdriving and fastening solutions that allow novices and experts alike to boost manufacturing efficiency. Stöger Automation Guide Here’s a comprehensive look at the diverse range of […]

Robotic LS Blow-Fed Screwdriver – Interchangeable Pick & Place Clip

This Work Cell contains a 5 axis Robot that has interchangeable head. It changes from a single spindle blow-fed screwdriver to a clip placer to complete the assembly. Each end effector is rested on a mount while not in use, and the robot is able to attach between the two from these mounts.

Epson Robotic Assembly System with Pneumatic Screwdriver

Epson LS3 Robot configured with a pneumatic screwdriver and programed to tighten screws in a fixtured part. This system is designed to allow two separate Robotic work areas. Machine operators utilize a slide system to move the fixtured parts in and out of the work areas.