Model LS-Blow-Fed Screwdrivers

A compact slim line screwdriver built on a rugged platform to provide outstanding performance and value. The screwdriver can be furnished with several types of drive motors both pneumatic and electrical with a choice of torque controllers. The placement jaws and feed tube attachment are tooled for the type of fastener’s geometry to be driven. Fasteners can be driven to a predetermined torque setting or driven to a specific depth setting into a workpiece.  The screwdriver is ideally suited for automated assembly systems.

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Product Specifications

Fastening Screwdriving
Torque Up to 10 Nm 88.5 in. lbs
Jaw Tooling Head Stroke 25/50/70mm
Bit Stroke 100/150/180mm
Max. Head Diameter 15mm
Max. Shank Length 50mm
Motor Types Air Motor with Clutch
Optional Motors Servo Motor- Current Controlled DC Motor/ Transducer Controlled DC Motor (All Brands)
Applications Single Station
  Pallet Transfer Lines
  Rotory Dial Machines
  Robot Mounted