SD-115 Outside Column/Rotary Hopper

Fully automatic and ideally suited for semi-automated screwdriving applications. Equipped with a rotary hopper, hardened inclined steel track that is mounted alongside of the supporting column for easy access, and a transfer escapement that places each fastener into the screwdriver head’s placement jaws. The placement jaws hold the fastener’s threads in position until the fastener is engaged in the workpiece. The screwdriver head has built-in sensing to confirm proper insertion of each fastener into the workpiece.

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Product Specifications

Piece Part Information
Shank Diameter #4 in. – .25 in. (3mm – 7mm)
Shank Lengths Max 1.0 in. (25mm)
Head Diameters Max .56 in. (14mm)
Feed System Information
Feed System Rotary Drum Hopper 150 cubic in.
Track Incline
Escapement Transfer Escapement
Contains all options from base head
100 Series Screwdriver Head