Model SD-116 Inclined Track-fed Screwdriver


The auto-fed automatic screwdriver (Model SD-116) is fully automatic and equipped with a vibratory feeder bowl with vibration controls, hardened inclined steel track mounted alongside the support column for easy access, and transfer escapement which positions each fastener into the placement jaws of the screwdriving head. The placement jaws hold the fastener’s threads in position until the fastener is engaged in the workpiece. The screwdriver head has built-in sensing to confirm proper insertion of each fastener into the workpiece. The baseplate size is determined by the size of the feeder bowl system.

The Model SD-116 Screwdriver is ideally suited for automated screwdriving applications. The driver can be tooled for a broad range of fasteners. The feeder bowl and track can also be tooled for dimensional variances with your fasteners when specified with your order.

In this video we used a servo motor to turn the drive shaft and drive the screws. Note, two drivers are to a depth and the last is driven to a torque to hold the lug.