Model LP Blow-Fed Part Placer

A compact slim line part placer built on a rugged platform to provide outstanding performance and value.  The LP Part Placer is ideally suited to place metallic and plastic pieceparts that can be feed and blown from a vibratory bowl feeder and airveyer conveyance tube. The placement jaws and feed tube attachment are tooled to suit the piecepart components to be inserted into your workpiece. The vibratory feeder bowl size is determined by the geometry of the customer’s piecepart.

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Product Specifications

Fastening Part Placer
Pressing Force Up to 333N (.07 bar) 75 lbs
Jaw Tooling Head Stroke 25mm/50mm/70mm
Ram Stroke 100mm/150mm/180mm
Max. Head Diameter 15mm
Max. Shank Length 50mm
Applications Single Station
  Pallet Transfer Lines
  Rotory Dial Machines
  Robot Mounted