Since 1995, Dixon Automatic Tool, Inc. has been the North American representative of Stöger Automation products. It’s a partnership focused on providing cutting-edge industrial automation solutions for a wide range of industries and applications.

Quality Automation & Reliable Manufacturing

Our relationship with Stöger Automation dates to 1994, when we stopped by Lorenze Stöger’s booth at the Motek Automation Show in Sinsheim, Germany. We were impressed with the unmatched quality, reliability, and technological advancements of Stöger products and believed they would help enhance our own product lineup. A year later, we signed a contract to be the North American representative of Stöger Automation products.

Working with Stöger Automation offers many advantages. Based in Königsdorf, Germany, Stöger is known for its cutting-edge screwdriving, feed, and automation technologies. Their high-precision screwdriving and feeding technology is a great addition to the Dixon Automatic Tool, Inc. lineup, giving our customers even more quality automation choices.

Stöger’s focus on high-precision fastening, intelligent solutions, and industry-specific applications helps them stand out from other brands and attract new customers. Their strong reputation for quality and reliability aligns perfectly with Dixon Automatic Tool, Inc.’s own commitment to providing high-performance tools and equipment.

Benefits of a Strategic Partnership

This strategic partnership offers many benefits:

  • Shared expertise: Dixon Automatic Tool, Inc. specializes in automatic assembly tools and equipment, while Stöger Automation focuses on high-precision fastening technology. This partnership offers North American customers across-the-board solutions for their diverse needs.
  • Market reach and distribution: Dixon Automatic Tool, Inc. has a strong distribution network and established relationships with manufacturers across North America. This provides Stöger Automation with greater market access and brand recognition.
  • Shared values and vision: Dixon Automatic Tool, Inc. and Stöger share a focus on quality, innovation, and customer service, creating a strong foundation for a successful partnership.

It’s a win/win for both of us!

Stöger Offers Solutions for Modern Manufacturing Challenges

Modern manufacturing faces many challenges: intense competition, market volatility, labor shortages, and rising costs. These impact everything from efficiency and quality to workforce safety and adaptability. Stöger Automation is meeting these challenges head-on by offering innovative solutions, reinforcing Dixon Automatic Tool, Inc.’s own commitment to improving automation.

Here are some key challenges and how Dixon Automatic Tool, Inc. along with Stöger Automation tackles them:

  • Finding and retaining skilled workers is difficult and expensive. Our customized automatic screwdriving systems and fastening solutions replace manual labor, so manufacturers need fewer employees. This also helps lower labor costs.
  • Consumers expect faster turnaround times and lower prices, putting pressure on manufacturers to produce more with less. Our solutions for high-performance screwdriving systems have rapid cycle times and minimal downtime, so manufacturers can produce more products quickly.
  • Product quality and consistency are crucial, but human error is often an obstacle. Our customized systems offer precise torque and depth control for consistent fastening quality and fewer defects.
  • Manufacturers need to be able to adapt to changing market demands and quickly switch production lines for different products. Our modular systems and customizable solutions allow manufacturers to easily reconfigure their lines, giving them the flexibility they need to make changes on the fly.

Ready to elevate your manufacturing process with Stöger’s superior automation solutions? Reach out to Dixon Automatic Tool, Inc. experts for more information.