Blow-fed Part Placers EDE Series

These part placers are suitable for fasteners like pins, balls or bushings with diameters from 7mm – 24 mm.  This compact design and their lightweight, makes them a reliable placing system that can be used for many applications.  The integrated punch stroke makes the feed head travel to the workpiece before the placing process starts.  With short cycle times and the capability to place and sense proper pressure force into one motion  increases productivity and make the process more efficient. All our blow-fed part placers can be customized to fit the part and met the application requirements of the assembly process.

Model Number Head Thrust
45 psi 90 psi

AP-2010 / EDE-1601

(dimensional drawing)

13.5 lbs 23 lbs

AP-2020 / EDE-2001

(dimensional drawing)

21 lbs 36 lbs

AP-2030 / EDE-2501

(dimensional drawing)

33 lbs 56.5 lbs

AP-2040 / EDE-3201

(dimensional drawing)

54 lbs 92.5 lbs