AO-720 Drop Tube

Combines the placing and pressing operation into one motion. This model is equipped with a heavy steel “C”-shaped frame construction with an air-oil intensifier cylinder, A vibratory feed system, a non-metallic feed tube, interlocking controls, and a shuttle type parts escapement. The escapement inserts one piecepart at a time into the pressing head’s placement jaws. When the piecepart is properly placed into the workpiece, the high pressure hydraulic stroke is actuated to complete the pressing cycle. A built-in sensor indicates the proper insertion of the piecepart. The baseplate size is determined by the size of the bowl feeder.

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Product Specifications

Strokes up to 6 in.
Pressing Forces up to 9 tons
Features Rapid Air Advance and Hydraulic Power Strokes
  Tooling Options and Feed Systems For a Wide Range of Pieceparts
  Positive Targeting of the Piecepart in the Workpiece
  Places and Presses Simultaneously in one Stroke
  Built-in Sensing to Verify Assembly Requirements
  Throat Depth can be Modified to Suit Application
  Heavy-Duty “C”-Frame for Minimum Deflection
  Optional Workholding Fixtures
Call for Additional specifications regarding piecepart and design questions.