AP-134 Horizontal Press

The Model AP-134 combines the placing and pressing operation into one motion it comes equipped with a heavy duty support column, toggle actuating head, vibratory bowl feed system, interlocking controls, horizontal vibratory hardened steel feed track, and a transfer escapement. The transfer escapement inserts one piecepart at a time into the toggle press head’s placement jaws. The placement jaws hold the piecepart in position until the piecepart is engaged in the workpiece. Heads have a toggle action and provide up to 2500 pounds of pressing force, which increases rapidly during the last .50 inch of placement stroke. A built-in sensor indicates the proper insertion of the piecepart. The baseplate size is determined by the size of the bowl feeder.

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Product Specifications

Head Information
Head Stroke 3 in. (976.2mm)
Pressing Force 2500 lbs (11.12kN)
Piece Part Information
Shank Diameter .08 in. – 2.5 in. (2.0mm – 63.5mm)
Shank Lengths Max 4 in. (102mm)
Head Diameter Max 1 in. (25.4mm)
Feed System Information
Feed System Vibratory Feeder Bowl
Bowl Size 6-36 in. (153-914mm)
Track Vibratory Inline
Escapement Transfer Escapement