AP-133 Drop Tube

The Model AP-133 combines the placing and pressing operation into one motion and comes equipped with a heavy duty support column, toggle actuating head, vibratory bowl feed system. Interlocking controls, feed tube to convey pieceparts from the feeder bowl to the transfer escapement. The escapement inserts one piecepart at a time into the toggle press head’s placement jaws. The placement jaws hold the piecepart in position until the piecepart is engaged in the workpiece. Heads have a toggle action and provide up to 2500 pounds of pressing force, which increases rapidly during the last .50 inch of placement stroke. A built-in sensor indicates the proper insertion of the piecepart. The baseplate size is determined by the size of the bowl feeder.

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Product Specifications

Head Information
Head Stroke 3 in. (976.2mm)
Pressing Force 2500 lbs (11.12kN)
Piece Part Information
Shank Diameter .08 in. – .87 in. (2mm – 22mm)
Shank Lengths Max 2 in. (50.8mm)
Head Diameter .08 in. – .87 in. (2mm – 22mm)
Feed System Information
Feed System Vibratory Feeder Bowl
Bowl Size 6-36 in. (153-914mm)
Escapement Shuttle Type Escapement
Track Tube Gravity