Blow-fed Nut-Runners SEM Series

A compact design with various mounting positions makes these nut-runners very versatile for a multitude of applications. The socket change does not require any tools and no space needed between the tool and the workpiece which makes servicing quick and easy. There are several nut driving profiles with these Nut Drivers which include; torque and driving to depth and cylinder stroke sensors for start position, and nut-loading control. These Nut Drivers will improve efficiency and accuracy of any process.

Model Torque range Nut Max. Thread Stroke
SD-2010 / SEM-1601 0.03-0.06 Nm M4 15/30
SD-2020 / SEM-2001 (SVS/M-2001 vacuum) (dimensional drawing) 0.2-4.5 Nm M6 25/50
SD-2030 / SEM-2501 (SVS/M-2501 vacuum) (dimensional drawing) 0.5-12.0 Nm M8 35/70
SD-2040 / SEM-3201 (SVS/M-3201 vacuum) (dimensional drawing) 1.0-45.0 Nm M12 50/100

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