SG-410 Hand-Held Screwdriver

The Dixon Model SG-410 hand-held Screwdriver handles a wide range of screw sizes and configurations. The units can easily handle hex headed screws and screws with captivated washers. This hand-held driver is designed for versatility in various applications and aptitudes. Screwdrivers are available with a variety of commercial air motors, conventional magnetic and non-magnetic finders and bits. Screwdrivers are furnished with trigger control and/or push-to-start motors. Reversing air motors are available for removing screws.

Hand-held automatic screwdriver. Several driving features can be selected to provide one of three placement jaw functions.

1. The placement jaws remain forward during the driving cycle.

2. The placement jaws remain forward, but will allow yielding upon insertion of a fastener into a recessed area.

3. The placement jaws retract when using a magnetic type socket or bit to provide greater clearance for restricted work areas.

Another outstanding feature uses a cam and roller design to retract the jaws to receive a fastener from the delivery tube and transferring the fastener to the driving position in seconds. Hex headed fasteners and fasteners with captive washers can be driven with the SG-410 driver.

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Product Specifications

Hand-Held SG-410
Motor Air Motor
Start Options Trigger/Push-to-Start
  Reverse Option
Fasteners Hex Headed Screws
  Screws w/ Captivated Washers
Max Screw Length 1 in.
Min. Screw Length 1.20 x Head Diameter
Max Head Diameter .375 in. (9.525 mm)
Feed Tube Length 8 ft.
Working Radius 18 in.
Height Adjustment 0-12 in.
Air Supply 80-120 psi
Electrical Supply 120 vac
Control Options 3 options
Feed System Vibratory Feeder Bowl

SG-410 Hand-Held Screwdriver